COP21 Paris

Friends of the Earth International (FoE-I) yam farm nth ghana1has produced lots of useful information following the close of the disappointing COP21 meetings in Paris. The major concerns are that rich country governments have not committed themselves to drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, and neither have they promised sufficient finance for poorer countries to cope with and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Many poor countries, and most especially many of those in Africa, will suffer the worst of the climate change impacts with temperatures rising at a faster rate than the rest of the world. Poor countries didn’t cause the global warming crisis, yet they will have to foot the bill for its impacts. Meanwhile they are already poor. Rich countries caused the crisis and are duty bound to provide sufficient finance to poorer countries, but they have failed in this responsibility. Rich country governments have been pressured by their powerful corporate lobbies and the results are a watered down Paris agreement and a lack of firm commitment towards action on greenhouse gas emissions and support to poor countries.

Have a look at some of FoE-International’s useful pages. Join the campaign for change. We need more commitment from the climate polluting rich countries. Demand your rights to climate justice.

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