We have two new stories from the TIMBY project. One is an outcome of the training that shows the Community Forest Monitors are putting their new knowledge and skills to good use and are supporting the Forestry Commission in their efforts to end illegal logging in Ghana’s forests, and the other reveals how John Bitar Timber Company is illegally felling trees on communities’ lands and farms and damaging their crops and livelihoods, and you can read all our TIMBY stories here.

A second session with our Community Forest Monitors has just been completed, training them to monitor for illegal forest activities and providing them with the necessary equipment. Read the full story on FoE-Ghana’s TIMBY pages.

Today, 2 June 2019, we published a NOTICE to Mining Companies warning them not to bid for mining concessions in the contested Atewa Forest. Read the NOTICE here or as PDF here.

The first training for new Community Forest Monitors has taken place in the Bia North Forest Reserve in Ghana’s North West Region. The monitors were educated on Ghana’s forest laws and given technical training in how to use the TIMBY app. The second story is also on the TIMBY website here.

Friends of the Earth Ghana recently held a press conference with A Rocha Ghana as part of the GLA project to urge the government to undertake a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) on its proposed bauxite mining in the Atewa Forest. Have a look here to see our concerns and demands.

We have a new project under the Green Livelihoods Alliance programme to train local community monitors to identify forest infractions and report them using the Timby app. Read more about it here.

Watch our short film about exposing timber companies’ illegal activites and documenting farmers’ concerns over how their rights are ignored. It’s a very sad situation but the GLA project partners are raising awareness to try and change this.

Our press conference with Ecocare Ghana on problems in Ghana’s cocoa farming and how to end deforestation and child labor in the cocoa sector and ensure cocoa farmers get fair pay for the hard work they do producing cocoa for our chocolate. Read the press statement and dicsussions here.

The Directors of the Green Livelihoods Alliance in Ghana published a letter to the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana requesting him to advise Chinese banks not to invest in or support bauxite mining in Ghana’s precious Atewa Forest. Read the letter

As part of the GLA project activities, the partners held a press briefing on 17 May 2018, to expose how the China Development Bank is contradicting its own green policies and the China Banking Regulatory Authority’s ‘Green Credit Directive’ by potentially investing in the destruction of the Atiwa forest.

As part of the Climate Reality Project‘s 24 hours of climate reality 2017, the project made a short 8 minute film about the project working with women subsistence farmers in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. Have a look!

The Green Livelihoods Alliance (GLA) is an international project funded by the Government of Netherlands. FoE-Ghana is one of the partners implementing the Ghana component. The three main Ghana partners are: Tropenbos International Ghana, A Rocha Ghana and Friends of the Earth Ghana. You can read more about the Ghana project here

The ‘Strengthening civil society, informal sector and private sector participation in forest law enforcement and governance’ (SCIPFLEG) project to reduce illegal logging recently closed and we have an overview of the activities, results and achievements here.

Our project empowering rural communities to demand water and sanitation services from their District Assemblies has recently closed. We have a final project report with an overview of what we did and the results we achieved here

We have an update of the cisopfleg forest project for yr 3 giving an overall picture of the project’s achievements. Forest governance is improving with FLEGT implementation, and civil society participation in forest governance has been strengthened.

drawing4We have a couple of new resources on climate change: one explaining the causes and impacts, and the other giving some positive actions we can take to help reduce environmental damage and support vulnerable people adapt to climate change.

unfccc-cop-2016-1The 2016 UNFCCC global climate change meeting is underway in Marrakech, Morocco. FoE-I has shared a press release and we have included our own demands for the future of energy in Ghana. You can read the press release here

forest_field1Our baseline and monitoring tool to measure progress towards good governance in the forest sector is now complete. You can read more about the project, activities and outcomes here as well as download a copy of the final baseline and indicator

Training forest monitors3The Community Real Time monitoring project has been busy training independent Community Forest Monitors to monitor and report on corrupt and illegal activities in their forests. You can read more about the training here

Community scorecard led by linda ofori We’ve got an update on our EU-funded WATSAN project to tell you about what we’ve been doing to support communities’ demands for accountability, and what they’ve been doing to get water and sanitation services into their communities

field trainingYear 2 of the SCIPFLEG project has come to a close. We have been carring out lots of activities with communities to raise their awareness of legal and illegal forest practices and to build their capacity for monitoring the forests. You can read an update here

media toolkit picWe’ve got a couple of updates on the CiSoPFLEG project: a media toolkit to guide editors and reporters around issues of forest governance and illegal forest practices, and the latest FLEGT newsletter with a couple of stories from FoE-Ghana. You can access both here

Community educationWe have an exciting new Community Based Real Time Monitoring project that’s supporting forest communities to play a crucial role in monitoring and reporting illegal and corrupt forest activities. Forest communities are key partners in protecting forests for the future.

cisopfleg exchange

One of the activities for the CiSoPFLEG project has been a very useful exchange programme to Ghana (this year) for FLEGT stakeholders from the other project countries. It included trips to the forest to learn about the wood tracking process. We have a report of that trip which you can find on the CiSoPFLEG project pages

MP visitWe were visited by Diane Abbott MP (UK) and her Political Advisor Bell Ribeiro-Addy.  Diane Abbott is also Shadow Secretary of State for International Development and was interested to find out more about our work. Read more

firebreakWe have an update of some of our second year activities in Ghana towards the Enforcement and Governance for Sustainable Forest Management project (CiSoPFLEG) being undertaken in four countries of West and Central Africa. Read more

Yam farm nth GhanaFriends of the Earth International has produced lots of useful information following the close of the disappointing COP21 meetings in Paris. You can find links to the updates here, including a video about what really happened in Paris…

presenting the awardThe Director of FoE-Ghana presented an award at the National Schools Drawing Contest organised by the EU and partners in the run-up to COP21. The children’s paintings showed they have a good understanding of climate change impacts as well as some of the ways we can mitigate its affect. You can read more about the event here

illegal forest practicesWe are making good progress with the forest projects to train forest users in legal timber production, and raise awareness about illegal and corrupt forest practices, and communities’ roles in forest management and rights to forest benefits. National SCIPFLEG project here… and regional CISOPFLEG project here

water is lifeFoE-Ghana has been in the news with our water and sanitation project following a workshop bringing together communities, chiefs and assembly members to empower communities to demand their rights to services. They have been very busy visiting their District Assemblies – their duty bearers – to demand fulfilment of their rights to water and sanitation. Read the press release here

water picAs part of our EU-funded water and sanitation project, we have met with many deprived rural communities where we listened to their struggles of access to water and sanitation. Their stories are both disturbing and sad. Read more about them here

FoE-Ghana recently held a press conference and discussion in support of the global Reclaim Power Day of Action amd against the coal fired power station that the Ghana government plans to build. Read about our event and the demands here

Cut treesOur Forest and Biodiversity Co-ordinator, Eric Lartey, was interviewed by Al Jazeera about the alarming rates of forest loss in Ghana and its various causes, including logging, farming and illegal forest activities. A clip of the interview can be seen on our videos page.

votingWe have produced a manual for Empowering Local Communities and Civil Society to Demand Accountability outlining communities’ rights to water and other services, and techniques for demanding their rights, as part of the EU-funded Water and Sanitation project.

forest4FoE-Ghana has a new project entitled Towards the Establishment of Baselines for Voluntary Partnership Agreement Impact Monitoring in Ghana (EBIM) and funded by the European Union. Read more about it here: EBIM Project press release